Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do I know when a gutter cleaner is the right one for me?
    A: It is important to consider the phrase "you get what you pay for" when selecting a company to clean and maintain your gutter system. In this industry, the cheapest companies typically do not provide a through service. Several companies in the Portland area will bid low in order to be selected to perform the work. However, to compensate for the dollar loss, they sloppily rush the job and do not provide a quality, thorough service. At Elements, we believe that providing a quality, much more through service establishes the foundation for a strong professional relationship with our clients built on trust and expected performance.
  2. Q: What is quality gutter cleaning?
    A: To provide a quality gutter cleaning service, there are many steps included beyond simply removing debris from your gutters. When you hire Elements to perform this service for you, you can expect to have your entire roof blown clean, followed by hand scooping of the actual gutters, flushing out your downspouts to ensure an unobstructed flow for rain water, and a complete clean up of anything that may have fallen to the ground in order to preserve the integrity of your landscaping.
  3. Q: What are your rates?
    A: Clearly the cost for this service will fluctuate depending on many factors including the size of the home and the extent of the work needed to ensure a quiality end result. However, we can ensure you that the charges will reflect only what we have to in order to provide high quality service at a professional level. As mentioned before, there are numerous other companies in this area that will jump at the chance to "clean your gutters" for a lower price. It is importnat to keep in mind that "cleaning out your gutters" and "maintaining your gutter systems" are two very different services.
  4. Q: How do I know if my gutters need to be cleaned?
    A: Your gutter system will not work properly if it is clogged. Water coming up over the top of your gutters is a good indicator that there is a problem with your gutter system. Additional signals that indicate potential problems with your gutter system include water being found in your basement, water constantly dripping or leaking from the gutters when it is not raining or hasnít rained recently. Sometimes the signals are not so easy to spot, which is why we recommend cleaning your gutter system twice a year.
  5. Q: Why haven't I gotten a free estimate yet?
    A: Good question, we were wondering the same thing. Please click here and get one now.

Elements Gutter Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions