I’ve watched this moss grow for about four years. The customer doesn’t see any need to do anything about it. I wouldn’t want to pay for the repair this will cost him. This is just what I could reach with my hands.

Our success as a company has been due to you, our customers. Our number one goal is to ensure all work undertaken is done to the highest standards. We are a family run business and we take pride in our commitment to provide a top quality service. We have been serving fine residential homes since 1996. Call now for your free estimate. 503-309-9937

Prompt, reliable service and high quality standards have built our reputation. When you hire TWC for your window washing and gutter cleaning needs, we will deliver the highest quality service provided by professionals dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We strive to assure that every customer has a pleasant experience by using our service. Call now 503-309-9937

Gutter Cleaning in the Reed Collage area. This is one of the most beautiful houses in this area. We also do the house right across the street. We probably service 40 homes in this area. I can’t drive down any of those streets without passing a house we service.

We worked only Monday and Tuesday this week. It was just too cold. 23 degrees when we got to work this morning. We got some windows cleaned though. We have tricks so our cleaning solution doesn’t freeze to the glass. Can you see the ice on my squeegee?

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There are 67 windows at this house. To do a really good job, we needed to split it into two days. New construction is very different. There are a lot of things to take into consideration.

Such as fabrication debris being the biggest concern with new glass. Also known as glass fines. Glass fines are small pieces of glass that has adhered to the glass during the tempering process. Unseen to the eye. So standard practice of using razor blades is not employed. So instead we use chemicals to break down the silicone and other derbies. There is a lot more than what I’m mentioning here. But this should be the first concern when working on new construction. If you’re a home owner reading this rest assured I am very well educated on how to work in this situation and you will feel comfortable. Having us as your window cleaners in your new home.

We were at this customers house to clean the windows, not the gutters. I unplugged the gutter just because of the damage I know it causes.

These gutters aren’t that old, but the home owner hasn’t done any sort of regular maintenance on cleaning them. There is already rust showing on the outside bottom. Every downspout was plugged and it was like sludge in the bottom of the gutters.

Portland’s Solar Panel Window Cleaning Professionals. Over time, solar panels will get covered with dust, grime, and even bird droppings. These pollutants block sunlight and will reduce power production. Ad this service to your spring cleaning for maximum output of your energy production. Our process employs the highest industry standards in cleaning technology, including use of 99.44% pure water filtered through a de-ionized filtration process.

1st of December today and the weather was incredible. We had the privilege of doing three houses in a row today. I’ve been cleaning gutters for two of these homes since 2002.