This family owned and operated small business has been based on sound standards and a strong work ethical code. We only bring in and train clean-cut Total Window Cleaning individuals that are genuine and show integrity, making certain that your home is in good hands all through the cleaning process. This is a sample of how high we can go and stay on the ground firmly. This is about forty feet. We still have about ten more feet we could go. See the round window way up there? Yes, we washed that one first.

Gutter cleaning is not most people’s favorite chore, but a very important thing you can do to protect your house from unneeded problems. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have and set an appointment to give you clean gutters along with peace of mind. Blocked gutters can cause water to overflow behind the fascia into the walls of your house, over the edge of the gutter saturating your basement walls. The weight can make the gutters sage and fail. Increase moss and algae growth. Free estimates 503-309-9937

Window cleaning in temperature of 34 degrees when we got to work this morning. It soon warmed up though. We were able to use the pure water window cleaning system today. There were 43 windows and 2 skylight’s. This customer called and left me a message the next day saying how wonderful of a job we did. I’m saying this because people in general are pretty nice. I really do like what we do. Were in the business of making people happy. To all my Hillsboro customers. Thanks for making my day.

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“Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee” and it means just that. We’re not done until you are completely satisfied. Our focus is to perform a premium service exceeding industry standards with unmatched quality. For a free phone estimate call (503) 309-9937 or fill out this form for your window cleaning estimate and we will contact you soon.

Elements is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential projects. Beginning in 1996, we have become the leader throughout the Portland metro area in the proper cleaning of rain gutters and downspouts. Our clients value our customer service, attention to detail and high standards of workmanship.

Our remarkable method cleans your windows exceedingly clean and protected from the elements. TWC is devoted to maintaining the highest possible superior organization using state-of-the-art products and safety and techniques. With an importance on perfection and complete customer satisfaction. You are sure to value our attention to detail. Free estimates. Just call 503-309-9937

Gutter cleaning is a filthy and complex task that should preferably be done at least two times a year, it’s precautionary protection for your house. If your gutters are plugged you need to take action now and secure your home from the destructive effects of water harm that will happen when backed up gutters are not cleaned and do not drain well. Gutters keep water and unwanted debris from running down the siding of your home, this is critical in preserving your siding free of mildew and corrosion. Call now. 503-309-9937

We can clean windows up to 50 feet while safely staying on the ground. We take every safety precaution and have the equipment and expertise to do the job right.

Properly maintained gutters are one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs around the house. It is also one of the most important. Clogged and or leaking gutters will quickly lead to water running behind fascia boards and causing lots of unwanted problems. Elements recommends that you clean your gutters twice a year if you have trees close to your house, once around September and again in January or February.

We have built our Beaverton window cleaning service to provide you with the best possible experience possible, were our safety comes first for your peace of mind, at a price you can afford. Call the best, forget the rest. This is a job I’m really proud of having. We have been working for Sisters of Saint Marys for two years. The maintenance guy tells me they have forty acres there.

Regular gutter cleaning is the best way to prevent water damage to your home. This will prevent rain from overflowing and standing water and debris from freezing in the winter. We remove all leaves and debris from the roof, gutters. Then we will flush the downspouts out with water. Additionally, since gutter cleaning is not the most complex task on the planet, the chances of less-than-professional outfits offering this service is rather high. Do a little research on the company you hire.