There is only one TWC, Inc. don’t be tricked. Look for the TWC logo. There are a number of Portland window cleaning companies using the TWC title in their web sites. I put a photo of my first truck in here just for entertainment. Take a look at the date. Not too much time after this she was relinquished. I absolutely do miss my 1969 Chevrolet with a 396 cubic inch motor. I wish I had more photos of my original pickup. Free estimates at 503-309-9937

Portland Gutter Cleaning by Elements is a family owned and operated business. They have been helping spectacular residential homes in the Portland metro area since early 1996. Since day one they have had a customer service focus. See for yourself why so many people have used Portland Gutter Cleaning by Elements for all of their window washing and gutter cleaning services year in year out.

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This is just some pictures I’ve taken at work. Some are old photos. Most of these pictures are within the last few months though. As you can see its Clearly Amazing how many beautiful scenes there are on any given day.

Portland Gutter CleaningPortland Gutter CleaningPortland Gutter Cleaning

Portland Gutter CleaningPortland Gutter CleaningPortland Gutter Cleaning

This was the craziest wind I’ve ever performed in. It took two people of us to do a one man job. We tied a rope to a stake we drove in the ground. There’s not a lot we can’t handle. But yes our safety measures always come first. For your protection TWC, Inc. is licensed, bonded, insured and we carry workers compensation. Serving gorgeous households in the Pdx metro area at an investment you can afford.

Customer full satisfaction is my number one top priority, and our existing client’s have come to expect zero less from our skilled cleaning specialists. We realized that from the 1st day that Total Window Cleaning opened its doors for business (back in spring 1996), and we remain to keep that our number one main concern in 2010!

Springtime is practically here. If the thought of cleaning your house windows makes you feeling awful, join a massive number of other people who believe the identical way. Window washing is one of the several undesirable home duties. Spring cleaning is the ideal time to get your external and inside windows glittering and glowing. Schedule early, we book up fast.


Portland is one of the most demanding window cleaning cities in Oregon. Uncontrolled conditions and harsh exposure to the elements. Portland requires the highest quality window washing providers. Total Window Cleaning provides outstanding residential window washing service in the Portland metro area. We are proud to do our responsibility and are delighted to take the task of window cleaning off your hands. Our reasonable rates will help you save money on windows washing. In addition, unlike other window cleaning services, our window cleaners clean window sills as well for free. We do our very best to make sure that you are confident with our work and that you feel that you get every penny’s worth out of our services.

Keeping up with cleaning gutters and downspouts is one of the homes duties typically left untended chores. Often times though, for our gutters, most people wait to clean them until eventually there expensive complications. Prevent really expensive problems by having your gutters taken care of on a regular basis. It is advised that you clean your gutters at least twice a year if you have trees close to your house, once in the spring and once in the fall. This will reduce rain from overflowing and standing water and waste from freezing in the winter.

Frequent routine maintenance cleanings are the optimum way to put a stop to water destruction to your home. Spend a little now to keep them clean or you could end up having to pay a lot more for fixing big problems when least expected. If you think a few pine needles and leaves in your gutter are harmless, you may want to think again. Clean gutters are one of the most crucial preventatives to avoiding serious and highly-priced home repairs. Gutters main purpose is controlling the water around your home. If debris keeps them from doing their job, you may wind up with some major dilemmas. This job is best when handled by a professional who can finish the job easily, skillfully, and at a reasonable price. It’s important to be vigilant about keeping this part of your home’s structure in excellent working order.

Gresham Window cleaning by TWC, Inc. has been serving luxury homes in the Portland metro area since 1996, at a rate you can afford. Our attention to detail and to carry out a premium service above business expectations with unmatched excellent service. Since we live in the zip code 97080 mention you seen this ad and I’ll give you 10% off your window or gutter cleaning service.

Cleaning gutters to maintain water movement is an essential factor of suitable property protection. Regular gutter cleaning is necessary for getting ready for the Portland rainy weather to avoid problems caused by backed up and overflowing gutters. If not periodically maintained, rain water will cause damage to your paint, siding and windows, as well as crumble foundations, cause structural wood rot, and provide moisture for various types of ants, termites and other creatures.